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MyFaRoG: The Burzum RPG or whatever you wanna call it

I found MyFaRoG through reading Varg's website, I can't remember the exact posting it was but he said something about creating his own RPG on his own time for himself. He said he wasn't sure when it would be done, and of course nearly a few months later 1st Edition comes out, good timing on my part, except I didn't get one of the copies since I was broke. Fast Forward to when 2.4 was on it's last limbs, I buy that version, read the shit out of it's papyrus glory and ordered his main books (Sorcery & Religion In Ancient Scandinavia / Reflections On European Mythology & Polytheism) along with it. Man oh man it was so cool to see a musician who made their own RPG, I have been fascinated by them and made homebrew stuff a little before I knew he was doing his own, except mine mirrored the gameplay of Warhammer Fantasy Battles and RISK instead of proper D&D, and of course I did story telling type stuff with Abra which required dice rolls only at very very very special occasions.

A long time after I found out about the Mythic Fantasy Roleplaying Gamers Group on Facebook run by William and Jeff. I found out I needed 2.6, got pissed off, ordered it, and then jumped into a game run by William shortly after (which can be seen HERE) which scored me a slot in a game with Eddie (which can be seen HERE and HERE).  Excuse my horrific roleplaying, I was nervous, I am much better now I swear.

I Was Hooked.
Hooked So Hard.

I was drowning in my rulebook so much in hopes to become a better player but also a future Myth Master, I purchased all the supplement books and spent hours going through everything I could. A bit much to where I was ignoring my girlfriend a bit but she understood and was supportive of me getting my mind off life stresses etc etc. One thing I noticed was the Fantasy Factor was I guess Low Fantasy instead of High Fantasy, it really struck me once I noticed how alot of it seemed more realistic and down to Earth in a sense rather than this crazy wild fantasy realm with tons of suspension of belief. Yes of course there were some things in here like the Ettins, Creeping Crawlers(HOLY SHIT SCARY!) and a few other creatures that are over the top. But most others felt Basic Yet Believable. The ghosts, wraiths, hulda, nar etc etc, spooky but we all have a sense of them in our lives and can connect, unlike a fucking Dragon or Griffin. See what I mean?

I remember another review bitching about the Swimming Chart in an earlier version, yeah ok I'll say it, I don't quite understand the difference between a Gentle or Light breeze, but I am guessing Varg fucking did considering he did painstaking research as seen HERE on Swimming In Armour. I don't see the other reviewer trying to disprove it, just complaining. Put up or Shut Up. He is also inspired by certain RPGs which had some intense rules like Rolemaster and MERP, I haven;t checked out Harnmaster but it sounds pretty nuts too. He definitely distilled it down to a simple to learn system if you have enough brainpower(you don't need much if you just take notes) since his KIDS can play atleast a simplistic rules light version of it with him, if you can't you must be retarded.

The rules light version is very fast in my opinion, all you need to know is how to conduct basic combat, memorize your character sheet, know how to test skills, and for fun add in Fumbling. As time goes on you can add in one rule each other session to keep it fresh and exciting. Playing different types is something I haven't done yet, I've stuck with Warrior, Berserk, Ranger, Civilian so far, but the other classes such as Trickster, Stalker, Sorceror, Bard Maenad/Bachannte,...etc

When I was creating my character I found, although this version has an index, I still had a bit of trouble locating things, information about weapons, armour, items were in two different places and a few other things, so I had to make a Cheat Sheet for myself and others(provided at the bottom of the post!!!) and so far it seems to help a bit, and there are tutorials on character creation HERE.

The game itself is fatal, lethal, dangerous, your character WILL FUCKING DIE, so don't think you're gonna just walk in and bust heads with your Battle Axe and drink potions while arrows ping, zoop, and phwew off your Conan-esq man titties. My first playtest with a fellow named Philip who put me and a few others up against 4 Cave Lions, best first game ever because I died second, not first, and I threw a torch at the lions which had atleast one catch on fire before they charged us. Thats how I learned combat, reminiscent of Saber teaching Emiya in Fate/Stay Night, intense fast unrelenting made me rethink my approach, I think it should be mandatory for all newcomers to just be slaughtered like flies a few times, to get that glint out of their fucking eye, make them buckle down for some real Role Playing and not just a Hack n Slash frenzy.

Battles will come my warriors, it will come and it will go, most likely taking your life with it. Whether you fight a wild animal, a Khemetian, a Thulean, or even the ferociously vile Arbi who will surely sink their fangs into your pale scrumptious flesh quicker than you can say TiwaR Guide My Blade. Did I mention the Lore? Shit, the GODS, the Calendar, the Festivals/Holidays/Traditions....its ALL THERE for you to follow and use, or disregard depending on the Depth of the game you'd like. You can even go as far as figuring out your Birthday and patron Deity if you are so inclined(must own Gifts & Curses). If you own Sorcery & Religion/Reflections on European etc etc books you can also use the research from those in the game, its all interconnected into a beautiful tapestry of European Wonder.

Learning about the game is easy since Varg has an entire Playlist dedicated to rules, ideas, lore, and examples of play HERE. In another playlist he discusses European Mythology which can be viewed HERE. Those two playlists alone are inexhaustible resources for the Mindset and Know How to really immerse yourself into Thule. Of course if you don't know much about RPGs or just want to see what its like before throwing down the MASSIVE AMOUNT OF 13 FUCKING DOLLARS YOU CHEAP CUNTS, you can go through his playlist of Actual MyFaRoG Playing.

Now we have come to an end with my little rant about my latest obsession(oh my god!!! He isn't writing about Anime/Manga or GWAR????). It has helped me feel more connected to something larger than the selfish society I grew up in, I feel a resonating hum when I read the books, imagine the peoplee and their daily lives, their customs which were once my ancestors, even just the Calendar which was just one step outside of this haze into a more fulfilling path. Varg's videos are always a huge inspiration as is his music, his family life which he so graciously allows us to view never fails to put a smile on my face. Hearing a man mostly known for shit 20 odd years ago, laughing happily with his family as they pick berries, drive that fucking loud jeep held together by rubber bands and faerie dust, or teach his kids how to be great people is Fresh. While the rest live in the past, Varg looks forward, with his own rules.

From in the Umskiptar

But anyways, my love for MyFaRoG has grown, and I have written up a few Unofficial Documents on how to better immerse yourself in the game, add a few new elements to make a Living Thule, and visualize the surrounding world better. They are for free, download them, use them, whatever. PLAY THE FUCKING GAME! ITS 13 DAMN DOLLARS! DONT BUY CIGARETTES LIKE ONCE AND YOU CAN BUY THE BOOK! You don't even need a printer to make character sheets, HERE is a fillable one in PDF format!!!!! WHAT IS STOPPING YOU FROM PLAYING?

Frost's MyFaRoG Character Creation Guide
Frost's Thoughts On Khemetians and the Arbi
Frost's A Living Thule

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