Thursday, March 9, 2017

Carolyn Emerick - Pagan Poems Vol 1

Most poetry I've read has been simplified into utter emotionless slop, over-complicated wannabe Shakespearean word salad, or some awkward shit that should reside in a Papa Roach album lyric. Safe to say my foray into most poetry hasn't been very good, and I can only read Robert E Howard, Hans Christian Anderson, Norse Sagas, Germanic Romances, and Brothers Grimm so many times before I go out looking for something new. 

Through facebook I found her page and instantly began reading all of her indepth posts about European Customs/Traditions and whatever else she would end up sharing. Alongside her I found other interesting pages such as Northern Grove and Paradise Is The Way; both who have shared Carolyn's page before. For a drinker of Mimir's Well, she also ha the talent of trimming off the excess and distilling the emotion, story, and drama down into an easily digestible yet powerful poem. The flow tends to remain simple, steady, almost like a heartbeat in sync with yours as you hear her voice reveal the magic of each syllable.

Liminal Places transports you straight into a world of enchantment, Faeries, Moonlit Paths, which then leads into the world of Imagination and Dreams being more real than you think. If you know ANYTHING about Faeries, I mean F A E not F A Y, then you should understand that things are not always what they seem, nor are they always nice hehehe. In Der Schwartzwald gives you a bit of a warning as you go on your journey, it also touches on pride in a nod to an old tale(which you'll have to find out when you buy the book).

But it is not all Faeries and Magic in that sense, but also Romance, Love, Devotion, Warmth of another person in all seasons. When I say this, some lesser-minded men surely will scoff GIRLY SHIT BRUH, then this isn't for you. This love is Timeless, but also of Legend, of Life, it speaks to our desires, needs, and Ideals. Her poems The Cold Winter Night and Under Cloudy Scottish Skies contrast two types of intense Love and Longing. Cloudy Scottish Skies with it's maddened desire, it ignites a thought even of Conan when he was aboard Belit's ship(Queen Of The Black Coast 1934). Lightening's Strike is also an honourable mention.

One of the shining stars in this book is The Warrior's Passage. This was the poem that made me purchase the book, it conjures up a feeling ancient and old, one of honour, truth, and balance. 

"With Cold And Steely Gaze
She Will Look Behind Thine Eyes
Thy Words Are Only Edifice
True Character The Soul Belies"

This single stanza is something all should meditate on daily. Your words mean nothing if Action, true honest action, does not follow. The Wicce goes on to see if the warrior is worthy and if she will cast the runes, contact the norns and understand his fate.....This poem is Runestone level in my opinion. It has Honour, Honesty, The Other different than any of the best Sagas out there.

Although I have not mentioned the other poems here, they are surely good.
You get a poem which touches on all aspects of Life, Love, Nature, The Dead, The Enchanted, The Warrior....

I highly recommend it, it may even inspire you to write your own or research into the meanings of each passage. I recommend it to Europeans who want to get in touch with their roots, see something beyond what the sagas have to offer. 

Connecting with her is easy, she is very nice, and I advice you all to read her articles on Traditions. They are to die for, or to live for and honour your ancestors for....yeah that sounds about right!

Honour Thy Ancestors. 
Become A Warrior of the Mind. 
Honour Thy True Gods.

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