Sunday, May 7, 2017

Let my words be my blade...

Tree Huggin' Anglo-Saxon Hippie On A Folkloric Foray Possibly?

Since Pagan Poems came out Carolyn has been as busy as a bee writing up Mini E-books for her new Patreon. It has different levels of support with some great options depending on how much you can give. But honestly 10+ dollars a month isn't really a huge price to pay for indepth studies of European Folklore and Legends now is it?

But if you're still feeling like a cheap-o-bastard willy-face, she has tons of free stuff up on her website as well as a new section Folkloric Forays. It is much more indepth than just a surface value look at Folklore, definitely a great source of information for an advanced mind looking to peer beyond and truly understand what they loved reading.

Her YouTube channel has been also filling up quite nicely with some abridged versions of her articles that can be found on her Website.

A short video clearing up a few misconceptions about the good old Vikings.

Maybe you'd rather lurk in enchanted realms of Scottish Witchcraft

Some Household Magic and charms that might even seem warmly familiar to you and your family although their true meanings might be a bit hazy nowadays.

Or maybe something about Faeries or even Witches hanging around with Faeries!

At her Patreon you can find multiple Mini E-books which expand on other topics from the videos listed above, and a few which expand further such as Witches Communing with Faeries. As stated in my review of her Pagan Poems Vol 1, she is concise so the listener/reader fully grasps this often times diluted and murky subject with as much clarity as possible. You always come away with some new nuggets of knowledge that will make you rethink your lifestyle and give great hunger for your heritage.

Her facebook page is the best way to keep updated on her works and even strike up a conversation. She is friendly, answers back fairly quick, and lucky you if you open a discussion about Folklore. You're in for a ride!

From the cover of one of her latest E-books 'Per Gynt'

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